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Liv-52 also known as LiverCare is a herbal formulation that is the World's #1 Liver Support Formula. Liv52 has been validated by 276 clinical trials and research studies.

Liv.52 maintains the functional efficiency of the liver. It detoxifies and protects liver cells from harmful toxins and supports the liver's ability to regenerate itself . Liv.52 promotes optimum liver function and as a daily health supplement, it helps to improve appetite and the digestion and assimilation processes.

Liv52 also supports the liver's function when challenged by toxins not just in our food, water and air, but also increased consumption of protein and prohormones. Liv52 does not interfere with medications when taken together which is a benefit it has over Milk Thistle.

Liv.52 facilitates rapid elimination of acetaldehyde, the toxic intermediate metabolite of alcohol metabolism, and detoxifies liver cells Benefits of Liv52

Liv 52 improves the functional efficiency of the liver
Liv 52 promotes detoxification and protection from harmful food and medication toxins
Liv 52 helps to maintain healthy levels of liver enzymes
Liv 52 helps in absorption and digestion
Liv 52 helps in the liver's ability of regenerating itself
Liv 52 is useful during convalescence
Liv 52 supports the liver's normal ability to burn fat
Liv 52 helps support the body's metabolic process

According to figures available for July 2007, Liv.52 has achieved the highest sales by value and the top selling drug in India beating chemical based allopathic medicines. Liv.52 had sales that exceeded Corex, Phensedyl and Novartis which are best selling medicines of pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer.

Himalaya's Liv-52 has been approved as an herbal drug for liver in Switzerland by its FDA equivalent. It is believed to be the first multi-herb remedy granted regulatory approval as a drug, which is an outstanding feat for an herbal product.

The herbs in Liv.52 have been selected due to their well known ayurvedic properties that are beneficial for the liver and for overall well being. Capers (Capparis spinosa) are well known to improve the functional efficiency of the liver and protect and stimulate the liver. Wild Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is also known as a powerful hepatic stimulant which increases bile secretion and promotes digestion. Black Nightshade (Solanum nigrum) - protects the liver from toxicity induced by drugs. Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) - helps to protect against toxins and is a tonic for the heart and liver. It also regulates hepatic cholesterol biosynthesis. Negro Coffee (Cassia occidentalis) promotes detoxification of the liver and helps in promoting digestion. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) - helps to improve appetite and to relieve infections and inflammation of internal organs. Tamarisk (Tamarix gallica) - also helps to stimulate the liver and improves digestion.

Directions for taking Liv52

3 tablets three times daily with meals 1 month before, during, and 1 month after cycle minimum. Its recommended that Liv 52 is continued several months post cycle; dose can be lowered to 2 tablets two times per day.